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Track and Trace TYRE till END-OF-LIFE
For Extreme Temperatures and Pressures – Rugged RFID Tyre Tag

ZEUSTX RFID Tag Industrial Applications comes in a variety of sizes from 8-20 mm. Available in an array of standardized or customized form factors.
– Our tag transponders are widely used in the IIOT4.0 industry and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures.

TRACK and TRACE till

Our WIRETX RFID TYRE Tag technology allows track & trace of automotive tires under the harshest conditions

Waterproof & Durable UHF RFID Tag technology for product SPORTS SHOES, Timing, Tracking and SMARTWEAR Applications.

“We offer End-to-End System Integrated RFID Solutions.”

We develop, manufacture and implement advanced components of RFID technology. Today SES RFID is one of the worlds leading suppliers of RFID solutions holding several international patents for components and manufacturing processes. RFID for every sector. We have our global operations based out of Germany, USA and Taiwan.

We are market leaders in Thin And Flat, Energy Harvesting, LED Indicator, Woven Antenna, and Smart Wearable RFID technology. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and implementation of bespoke products for a range of applications.

Our automated production plant employs state-of-the-art technology, leading to better reliability, shorter production times and better cost-efficiency. Working hand-in-hand with our development team, we are able to develop and test the mass-production of new technologies making us a market leader.

Enhancing your real-time inventory management will result in having the RIGHT Product in the RIGHT Place at the RIGHT Time.